Kevin Frutiger


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About Kevin

Kevin Frutiger is an aspiring 3D animator based in Wichita, Kansas. He works in cinematic 3D character animation and 3D modeling for real-time rendering engines and the web.

Kevin’s career has spanned eLearning, animation, display advertising, and digitization. He began his career as an eLearning multimedia developer, focused on graphic design, interactive development, and animation. Kevin briefly left the industry to do freelance multimedia work and be an animator, editor, and writer for a 3D-animated series pilot. He later worked in rich media display advertising during the industry’s transition from Flash to HTML5 and the rise of mobile devices.

Kevin currently works as a digital archivist, utilizing his experience with digital images and his knowledge of scanning, photography, and publishing to preserve information and make it more accessible.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design with a minor in mathematics from Wichita State University and an Associates of Applied Science in computer animation from the Art Institute of Colorado.